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Hello, I'm Connor Goodwolf and this is my livejournal. This journal is friends only except for what I post publicly. The reasoning behind the journal being friends only: 1) a thug/criminal/troublemaker may read my journal and 2) fear mongering ignorant people may make assumptions based on what I post. Even if a person has a PhD, they can still be fear mongering and severely ignorant. My current place of residence is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a semi-private person and open in conversation if you're want to talk. My phone number is (412) I B FURRY

Preparing a System for Interactive Scientific Computing

The ability to effectively and efficiently work with data sets have existed for some time. There are projects like Jupyter which have an interactive computing environment, allowing the creation of interactive web applications, use of different kernels to utilize different engines, and ease of sharing the notebooks with colleagues.

Anaconda includes everything required for the majority of required cases. This is the recommended method for bootstrapping a system for development.

Install Anaconda on your system:

The installer for Anaconda is around 500MB, there is a lightweight version of Anaconda named Miniconda which is around 50MB in size.

Screenshots detailing the complete install process of Anaconda

click on the button to download Anazonda
click on the button to download Anazonda

anaconda initial install screen
anaconda initial install screen

anaconda license agreement
license agreement

anaconda installation type
the installation type must be selected for the install

anaconda installation location
select a different installation location if needed

anaconda advanced options
the default advanced options should be fine for most installs

anaconda installation progress
The install will start, this may take a while depending on the system.

anaconda installation progress complete
Once the install completes you’ll be able to go to the next screen

anaconda install microsoft vscode
You may not need VSCode, but installing VSCode may be of benefit in the future

anaconda install progress for microsoft vscode
This may take a while since the install requires downloading the Microsoft VSCode installation files

anaconda install progress for microsoft vscode complete
Once the install is complete click Next

anaconda installation complete
Uncheck each of the checkboxes and click Finish

The system is now ready, enjoy Anaconda along with all of the fantastic components useful for interactive scientific computing.

Trying out the new Livejournal Editor

This seems like an interesting and simple editor. Not sure I'm sold as I'm used to the previous editors. I guess LJ is trying to be more in tune with how other sites are handling their user interface design decisions.

I may post more to LiveJournal as I've been using this site for quite a long time. I'll need to find some sort of cross posting application.

Connor Goodwolf

Would it kill you to talk about something non-furry?

Anti-social behavior from others is why I don't spend a lot of my time talking with furries on IRC or in chat unless they're close "furry" friends. The majority of people i see talking in furry groups tend to only talk about furry, Disney movies and a great deal of fuzziness. Would it kill you to stop being anti-social for 5 minutes and talk about something, I don't know, even if it were new products, politics, personal plans or even talk about natural disasters in the world?

I think the majority of furries I interact with online, outside of the groups I've found to be rather social, tend to be completely anti-social. No they can't claim autism or aspergers, you're not allowed to use self diagnosed claims to your stupidity. Also nobody wants to hear about your life issues, if you need help then confide in a counselor or a close friend, not random people online where the response might be, "kill yourself."

Maybe this has to do more with "furry lifestylers" how they'll use furry as escapism, I don't know. Anyway, rant over.

My malamute was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma

If you don't know much about hemangiosarcoma, read the link below

Saturday she had surgery to remove a tumor from her abdominal area. I received the results back today from the veterinarian.

I have a choice to make if I want her to undergo chemotherapy. Hemangiosarcoma is incurable, the most with treatment would be a year at the very best. Untreated she has 1-3 months before the cancer wrecks havoc on her system which causes a major decline in her health before dying. My experience with animals is both domestic and wildlife, I've pulled the whole, "It's going to be ok, I'll make them live as much as possible," only to have the animal suffer more before perishing.

As of right now, I'm thinking what road to go down, if untreated then when to euthanize.

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Fursuit bowling event, done and went fairly well

I was able to get several fursuiters together and a non-suiter. We had a fun time bowling. We danced, we bowled, the bowling alley had the black lights on, so all except a black dragon fursuit shown up in the dark.

We bowled two games, one in suit, the other out of suit. Afterwards we wandered over to Steak and Shake where we chowed down on some burgers before departing home.

A bit bothering though was when a little girl's mother went up asking if we'd dance with the little girl and herself. The mother came up to me directly asking the question, then I shook my head yes. The mother then stated the little girl didn't want to dance with me, "Because you're black." I was wearing a friend's black dragon fursuit, I was not thrilled at hearing those words. The mother explains she wanted the pink dragon fursuiter to dance with the little girl instead.

Community warning: Lightpaws, registered sex offender, minor in nudity oriented material

I also checked it out myself, the information does appear to be valid.

(Quote from Vivisector)
"It appears that Lightpaws, the "Convention Chair, CEO & Executive of Operations" of Ohio's newest furry convention "Furlaxation", has a secret. Vivisector dot org has uncovered Lightpaws, a.k.a. Christopher Todd Shirk, is a registered sex offender, charged with "Illegal Use of Minor in Nudity Oriented Material"."

This is more severe than allowing a sex offender to attend a furry convention, why didn't anyone see a sex offender is running a con?

Dear Furry, why can't more people be like Deo?

DeoVacuus isn't going to Anthrocon because she believes in helping people impacted by the disaster in Joplin, MO over her own wants. In her journal she outlines why she isn't going to Anthrocon.


My own response to this is the following:

Deo, your heart is larger than most furries put together. Months back I thought about going to larger conventions, then went over alternative plans like helping unfortunate people and communities.

I believe many furries to be spoiled, spread-the-wealth fucking pricks. There are so many unfortunate people out there, yet only a few furries like you will put aside your own desires in order to help others.

Too many furries I see go to conventions on a meager budget or no budget, then bitch how they have no money, it's not fair and the economy sucks.

To those furries, I say "fuck you, be more like Deo"

Deo, you are more important than most furries combined.

I hope you do well, make sure to help as many people as possible. You're a godsend.

Intervention of a troubled 14 year old male

For those who alerted me of the young individual who posted troubling shooped photos of little girls which ended up being his sisters, thank you. The kid posted some rather troubling photos of his siblings. While originally someone brought them up to my attention, upon further investigation the individual also posted photos of his private parts on DeviantArt.

Immediately upon discovery I traced him to his father and placed a call to his workplace. I was able to get a hold of the father and explain to him what his son was posting. After the phone call I called the Pittsburgh FBI office, as I'm legally obligated to report child porn. An hour after I sent the father an email he replied back stating he was currently having a chat with his son about the troubling images.

The father will be taking his son to counseling in regards to the images, as I've already gathered from the rest of the online presence the kid was already troubled.

The FBI will be calling me back in order to followup, most likely with the father too since I gave them all the information I had on the incident.

Those who did the right thing, contacting me and reporting the images to DeviantArt, keep being awesome.

His father's reply
Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I am in the process of talking to my son he will delete the pictures, he is going to talk to his counselor asap. I have spoken to him about the inappropriate behavior online. Further punishments to come!
Thank you again,
<name redacted>